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Brads Resturant Project
Brad’s Untitled Restaurant Project
(8 comedies in one film)
Written & Produced By Paul Kampf
Multiple Directors
Shea directed the “You Are The Big C” segment of the film. Starring: Shannon Going, Julie Kathleen Langan and Jodi Skeris.

Brad, a seemingly innocuous patron in a neighborhood restaurant, has stashed tiny, hidden cameras all around the place with the help of a recently hired waitress.  The restaurant staff and the customers have no idea that they are about to star in Brad’s next yet to be titled project.

In one very unique afternoon, eight different stories take place in the same restaurant, all at the same time.   Yet the events, people and circumstances make this comedy as unique as the storytelling style, where each story is directed by a different director.  Brad’s Untitled Restaurant Project is a one of a kind comedy that plays with time, style and the rare connections shared between a dozen strangers in one strange afternoon.  (Click small poster for larger version)

The film is currently available on Vimeo On Demand.



A short introduction to Film Lab's new comedy, 'Brad's Untitled July 20th Restaurant Project.' Interview with Shea E. Butler one of our guest directors on a section of the film. SLIDE SHOW AT BOTTOM OF PAGE!!

Shea E Butler   Shea E Butler
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