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"TRANSITIONS Stories of Mystery, Murder and Speculative Fiction"

Five Short story published July 2022

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Publisher's Summary

Submerse yourself in five tales of mystery, murder, revenge, dark fantasy and the supernatural. Five women find themselves at a crossroad in their lives as the investigate murders, seek revenge and rebel against the status quo as they hunt killers through back alleys, at Universities, through small town American, the City of Angels and on a world millennium in the future.  Meet Belle Lopez, former street worker and now a neophyte private investigator obsessed with solving the murder of her mentor with the help of his ghost. Detective Georgia Gomez races against time and the encroaching tide to gather clues to solve a woman’s murder. The stakes get personal and supernatural when she discovers who the victim is. An urban fantasy tale finds Calandra having to navigate murder, revenge, and shapeshifting in the City of Angels as her thirst for vengeance takes her down a dark path. Sammi, a burnt out, big city detective now working in a small southern town, is on the trail of a serial killer when the FBI shows up. And millennium in the future, a spark of rebellion flares in Ra-ina, a young native creature of a verdant natural world, as she fights for her life and freedom after being captured by invaders.  Five women, five amazing tales of perseverance, dedication, and resolve as they investigate mysteries, murder, and the supernatural.

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Transition Shea E Bulter- AUDIBLE


“The Awakening” - short story published January 2022

MacroMicroCosm Science Fiction Journal available at:
MagCloud: Print & Digital
The Awakening  Shea E Butler

“Metamorphosis” – short story published October 2021
Night Terrors Anthology, Vol. 18 available on Amazon


Night Terrors- Metamorphosis Shea E Butler


“Neon Nights”
Short Story published Sept. 2020
Mystery Weekly Magazine –
Available at: Amazon!

"Do Not Go Gently"
Short Story published June 2020
Black Veins Anthology available at: Amazon
Whispers From The Universe July 2020, available at:



Black Veins Antholog- Shea Butler
"Giving Up The Ghost"
Short story published Nov. 2019
Mystery Weekly Magazine
Available on Amazon!- paperback
Mystery Weekly Magazine: November 2019 (Mystery Weekly Magazine Issues) Paperback – November 1, 2019 
Mystery Weekly Magazine

Shea Butler

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